How It All Started

Once upon a time I (Michelle), was a “momtog” with a dream of owning a studio full of backdrops. I asked our family for the love and support to build a business to share my love of photography with the world. Our family has owned a printing business for generations and knew how to help get the ball rolling. We started locally and the word spread fast! Currently we have shipped orders to Australia, Spain, Canada, and more!

Whats with the name…

Peek is our son. During our last pregnancy, our sons heart needed to be checked regularly. He always seemed to be “peeking” out at us. He continued this behavior when he was born- opening one eye at a time to make sure we were still there. Peek is my baby, the love of my life, and the reason I do everything.

Whats Next…

Peek is growing! We can’t wait for you to see what is coming!


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