Q. Are the colors in the store accurate?

All computer screens provide a vibrant example of our printed media. Printing on flat matte surfaces may cause the design to dull. Currently you are viewing RGB colors our latex machines print CMYK- we do not refund for color variance.

Q. Can I cancel my order?

Once the order has been made the backdrop is added to the printer. Should you choose to cancel- a re-stocking fee based on the size of the drop will apply. Average re-stocking fee is 5.00.

Q. Can I have a custom drop made?

Yes! All you have to do is send a message and an artist will start working with you! Cost is determined on the complexity of the design. You may have your own design printed. It must be your original design or photo.

Q. How do I care for my fabric drop?

Fabric drops may come with fold lines. You can place your drop in the dryer to release the folds. If you need to wash your drop, wash on a cold delicate cycle. Do not add solvents or bleach. It is recommended that drops are washed independently of other fabrics.

Q. How long will it take for customer service to answer my email?

Response times may vary. You will receive and answer within 24 hours. Should you need to get a hold of someone right away please type URGENT in the title box.

Q. What can I do if I want to protect my drop from scratching?

All print media can scratch- use caution when placing props, shoes, or other sharp objects on top of backdrops. To prevent wearing you may chose to use a sealer.

Q. What is a Peek Prints Backdrop printed on?

Currently we have three material options!

Vinyl: Peek vinyl is not your average waffle pattern vinyl - although there is a slight texture, we prefer a smoother blend. Each vinyl print is rated for frequent indoor and outdoor use. Vinyl is best stored rolled (we prefer on the tube rather than in to prevent slouching). Waves from storage may be present- hang to remove.

13oz - Light weight, economic, and can wipe clean (careful of solvents and/or food coloring)

18oz - Heavier weight, more resistant to wrinkles and waving - Can wipe clean

Peek Paper: 100% matte and perfect for when you would like to shoot dark colors. Peek Paper can bend and create a crease which may be difficult to remove. While a great option for extreme lighting conditions, you must be careful with the drop. Peek Paper will not rip or tear but cannot get wet.

Fabric: This polyester fabric blend is machine washable, wrinkle free, and can be thrown in the dryer to freshen up each time!

Q. Why is my Fabric Drop Smaller than it should be?

There is a small margin of error cutting fabric. Drops may be a few inches shorter in each direction.

Q. What kind of ink do you use?

Peek Prints® is going GREEN! Our inks are Ecologo certified, GreenGuard Children & Schools certified, and are 100% recyclable.
*Using latex inks creates an improved working environment reducing harmful gases produced by solvents.
*Latex inks avoid harsh odors that come from solvent inks.
*Latex ink comes dry out of the printer and is ready to cut and ship- no drying time needed!

Q. What are my finishing options?

Grommets- a grommet is a 3/8 inch brass ring that creates a reinforced hole in which hooks can be used to hold up a backdrop.

Pole Pocket- Pole Pockets create a fold that a rod (backdrop stand) can fit through. Pole pockets can be placed on top, bottom, or sides.

Q. How is a Peek Prints® backdrop shipped?

Vinyl or paper drops are shipped rolled in a tube with end caps. Fabric drops will be shipped in envelops or boxes depending on size.

Q. How long will it take my order to ship?

Orders will ship in 1-3 business days (Monday-Friday) of order placement. During high volume order times it may take longer. If you need expedited printing or shipping please contact us. Peek Prints® observes national holidays and weekends. Peek Prints® will not offer refunds of any kind because of late items- please purchase the appropriate shipping methods if you are in a rush. Snow storms, inclement weather, and other such may delay your shipment- Peek Prints® will not be responsible for late delivery due to a shipping delay.

Q. What shipping companies does Peek Prints® use?

Currently USPS and UPS are options in the drop down menu.

Q. What happens if my products are damaged during shipping?

Each package is insured. Should something happen during shipping a claim needs to be filed immediately. Within 3 days send a picture of the damage of the tube, damage of the drop, photo of the label, and damage of actual backdrop to customer service. Peek Prints will not be responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items. If you do not send a message and proof of damage in 3 business days a replacement will not be sent.

Q. Does Peek Prints® Ship internationally?

Yes! Peek Prints® has shipped all over the world! If you are not seeing a shipping option for your country please contact customer service. All customers will be required to pay for any customs or duty fees associated with their purchase.

Q. Can I return my backdrop?

All printed Peek Prints® merchandise is final sale only. Please be careful in selecting your purchase.

Each backdrop is listed as it will be printed.
Please make note of all the details in the print and ensure it is what you are looking for.
This includes:
* Size (Width x Height)
* Color
* Details

*All computer screens, tablets, and phones have different resolutions. The colors on your screen may vary from what is on our screens. To ensure customer satisfaction our equipment is calibrated often. Peek Prints® will NOT offer refunds due to color variance.

* Sizes of backdrops are approximate.

Colors on your screen are vibrant- printing on matte/non reflective material will cause some colors to dull.

* Prints are used as background use only and are not considered fine art prints.

* If a drop is sent damaged a replacement will be sent- no monetary refund will be given.

* If the shipping company sends back a drop for damage shipping costs will be forfeited and a 50% re stocking fee will apply.

* Glare- Our vinyl drops are printed on 100% white matte material. This material has been tested and is used most often in our listing photo examples. If you are not comfortable with studio lighting or using darker colored drops on vinyl you may choose the Peek Paper option. Inability to reach desired results because of lighting will not result in a refund or replacement. Please be mindful in your selection.

*All photos have our logo placed over them which may cause you to not be able to visualize the whole image- there may be distressing or small design elements that are not seen. Please ask if you are worried about any detail that may be under the logo as all items are considered custom and cannot be returned.

* Quality, colors, scale, size, and details are all not reasons for return as each is listed and described in each listing. ONLY damage caused from shipping will result in a re print. Absolutely NO refunds will be given. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to purchase a sample to ensure your needs are being met.

Q. How should I store my backdrop?

After each use roll up your backdrop and place back in the box or shipping tube. If you have a larger drop, you may prefer to store the drop on the tube rather than in the tube to prevent sagging.

Q. Are the backdrops good for messy or "cake smash" sessions?

The vinyl backdrop option would be best suited for a cake smash. Should something spill on the backdrop- use a gentle soap and water and allow to air dry. Some customers prefer to use baby wipes to clean their backdrops. DO NOT USE any solvents/cleaners to clean your drop as it may alter the print.

Q. What do I do if I have wrinkles or waves in my drop?

If there are creases from folding- lay flat or hang to release the fold.

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